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Chef Elaina Kourie, C.C.C., MWMCS

I am committed to improving the culinary industry by providing higher education opportunities and exceptional professional training focused on employable skills that prepare the students under my tutelage for the demands of the workforce. I pledge to impart uncompromising dedication, knowledge, skills, and techniques in a dynamic and practical learning environment built on the expectations of the industry. My goal is to continue to learn and grow my skills and techniques so that I may continue to instruct at the highest academic and practical levels, thus preparing my students for the industry on both the regional and global scales.

Elaina Kourie

The Honor of Certified Chef de Cuisine

Industry professionals understand the importance of a Certified Chef de Cuisine (C.C.C.) designation is for a culinary professional. This designation is Canada’s highest culinary recognition and accreditation. It represents a chef’s culmination of performing their managerial and administrative responsibilities to the highest standards, as well as their culinary skills and commitment to the cooking profession. Chef Elaina Kourie has continuously proven her skills and dedication on campus with students and fellow staff and at her professional establishment in Hamilton. Her ongoing performance as a chef, business owner, and educator reflects the C.C.C. designation’s principles and standards of excellence. We are honoured to have Chef Elaina as an integral member of Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence.

Certified World Master Chef (MWMCS) – Diploma in Culinary Excellence January 2020
  • An exclusive society of Master Chefs, by invitation only recognizing the elite – from the International Academy of Chefs one of the most prestigious societies in the world.
  • Awarded The Diploma in Culinary Excellence – January 2020
  • Designating the holder, a Certified Master Chef attesting to successful completion of the required program of study in fine gastronomy and culinary administration, thereby reflecting a professional knowledge and philosophy of international cuisine

Training Students at Our Kitchener Campus

Our students deserve the best possible culinary education and preparation for professional kitchens found throughout cities and towns around the province, country, and world. Chef Elaina Kourie is part of our Kitchener campus faculty, all of whom strive to instill expert skills, expertise, and confidence in future chefs. Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence is approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Students get their education in small classes from some of Canada’s top chefs in a commercial-grade kitchen, using the finest ingredients and creating crucial lifetime connections. Our goal is to produce exceptional culinary professionals who benefit from our international reputation.

Impressive Employment Rate for Graduates

Chef Elaina Kourie and our other impressive faculty members combine their knowledge and experience with outstanding facilities and notoriety to help students flourish in their professional lives. As a result, our school of culinary arts has a 97% employment rate for students who graduate. We take pride in preparing them in their chosen discipline so that they grow their experience and reputation in some of Canada’s most successful restaurants.

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