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Corporate Training From Our Ontario Institute

You want the most capable employees working at your organization, but training is often a burden you cannot afford to carry. Lack of training and education can lead to employee turnover, higher training costs for new employees, and other troublesome issues affecting your productivity and credibility as an employer. Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence as your needs covered with personalized solutions to your employees’ development. Our institute in Ontario offers corporate training, in which we work with you to provide various services and programs. With our professional help, your employee training needs are less stressful and well-maintained.

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Services for Students & Seasoned Professionals

Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence offers exceptional corporate training programs to ensure your organization has access to credible training and education. Our thorough programs help your employees develop their skills and expertise, making them more capable and valuable members of your company. We offer all the following programs and services:

Learn While They Work

Our institute custom-designed our apprenticeship program so that new and existing employees can earn a diploma or degree while they work. We have scholarships available to eligible employees. Our new students may be interested in working in your industry as they finish their program, and we can help you identify them.

Customized Training

We can develop custom education and training programs designed to meet your organization’s specific professional development objectives. Instructors may lead our programs, but we can make them self-guided, depending on your needs. During the programs, your organization can design credentials your employee can earn. We can also design content that applies to earning a credential from our institute.


One of the best perks of working with us in corporate training is acquiring talent for your organization. While participating in a program, we can give you access to our graduates and externs to fulfill your long-term and immediate workforce needs. Our graduates and externs have various experience levels and interests, and they are available to work across the country.

Benefits of Training with an Employer

The benefits of our corporate training programs go beyond your employees’ skills and credentials. As you take advantage of our custom-designed programs, your organization reaps various perks. Your organization may run more smoothly, with less worry about hiring and training new employees. The financial and operational impact our programs make ensure you get back more than you put in with time and training. Some of the most popular benefits of our programs include the following:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Develop highly skilled employees
  • Get access to our graduating student and alumni to hire immediately
  • Lower new employee recruitment costs
  • Become a sought-after employer

Trust Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence

Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence is ready to help your employees get the education and training they need to thrive and improve your organization. Whether your training or staffing needs involve a work and learn approach or recruiting from our graduates and externs, we have you covered.

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