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After graduating from Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence in Ontario, your career path can lead you to exciting experiences across the nation or world. You could work in a hip New York restaurant’s kitchen or a prominent Texas bakery. Your culinary adventures await you at restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other renowned businesses, including our featured employers. We have an expansive network of employers offering gainful employment to graduating students and alumni. You might be a young and hungry professional in your early twenties starting your career at your first cooking position, or your years working in kitchens have led to a venue change in a new and exciting location. Whatever your circumstances may be, we have seen our students progress in their professional lives at local, provincial, national, and international destinations.


Find Nationwide Career Opportunities After Graduating

You might want to stay in the province or within the country to continue your career in cooking. Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence is proud of our reputation in the culinary world, and that reputation combined with our students’ education has led to fruitful positions throughout Canada. Many of our former students have moved South to restaurants, bakeries, and hotels in the United States of America as well, keeping them an easy plane trip away from home. Employers can quickly place our alumni in their establishments, where they can seamlessly integrate with kitchen staff and demonstrate their skills and expertise, from prep to presentation. Our students have been trained to excel in cooking and baking, and their carefully honed craft is a valuable asset to kitchens everywhere.

Worldwide Restaurants, Resorts, and Culinary Positions

If you dream of preparing masterful dishes at a snowy lodge or beachside resort in a distant place, Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence’s reputation extends to restaurants, hotels, and other destinations across the globe. Taking your culinary skills to international employers lets you see the world while you build your career. Your valuable talents may take you to places throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and other exciting locations. You get exposure to new cultures and sights while creating an impressive résumé as a global professional chef. Our thorough education in commercial-grade kitchens with fresh, high-quality ingredients prepares you to work in kitchens anywhere and adapt to whatever cuisine they offer.

Our Ontario Institute Puts You In Kitchens All Around the World

You never have to feel limited to a specific location or career level with our exceptional culinary education and global reputation. Let our seasoned and knowledgeable faculty prepare you to work in kitchens throughout Canada and the world. We train you to be a chef with comprehensive lessons and skills development, so you can move on to advance in restaurants, hotels, resorts, bakeshops, and other establishments. With our network of employers, you can find a destination to pursue your passion.

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