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Every establishment with a kitchen understands how valuable their staff’s professional training is to ensure the best possible food for guests and customers. Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence has your business’s cooking needs covered with our talented and driven students. We take pride in our curriculum and its efficacy in preparing future chefs to work and lead in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and many other businesses. If you need kitchen staff who get up to speed on your menu and routine quickly and proficiently, we strongly recommend you hire our alumni found in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the world. Partnering with our institute to employ professionally trained chefs and cooking staff ensures your establishment has dependable kitchen staff with adept skills and expertise, from prep to presentation.

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Why You Should Hire Our Alumni

Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence has a reputation for producing exceptional culinary professionals through our comprehensive curriculum. Our reputable faculty of seasoned and accomplished chefs ensures students get exposure to realistic expectations and kitchen necessary skills they will face in the working world. Students receive training in a commercial-grade kitchen and use high-quality ingredients in their dishes so that they have the tools and equipment necessary to hone their skills and create masterful cuisine. In addition, we have a network of featured employers who have a history of hiring our students after graduation and benefit from their impressive cooking and collaboration with other kitchen staff. Partnering with our institute gives you access to top-tier culinary professionals ready to work at your establishment.

Our Institute's Impressive Faculty and Education

Our goal is to prepare students for a successful career working in kitchens anywhere, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, bakeries, and many other places. Their education at our institute instills confidence and a thorough understanding of cooking in a professional environment. The extensive curriculum covers a wide array of essential skills and expertise to ensure their capabilities when they graduate and move into careers involving culinary arts, hospitality, and various other avenues. We can offer this exceptional training because our facilities are on par with what they should expect to work with in professional environments. In addition, our faculty includes highly trained and experienced chefs with impressive career accomplishments teaching cooking and pastry.

Exceptional Talent Working in Your Kitchen

Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence does not accept subpar work from our students and always guides them to discover their best abilities in a kitchen. Our high standards and rigorous curriculum ensure students are fully prepared to excel in a professional environment as culinary experts. If your establishment offers food to guests or customers, you want a staff that understands how to produce the best-quality cuisine, no matter what you have on your menu. We take pride in our students’ skills and expertise upon graduation and encourage businesses with local, provincial, national, and global locations to partner with us as employers.

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