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Specialist Chef Diploma

380 Hours – 19 Weeks (Full Time)

​​​This diploma program is an intensive 380-hour exploration and application of classic culinary techniques as well as the fundamental business skills necessary to be a successful business owner in the food industry. With two-thirds of the program spent in the kitchen under the supervision of experienced Red Seal certified Chef instructors, students develop the real-world hands-on skills necessary for culinary success. This program is designed by professional Chefs for individuals looking to enter the Culinary world as cooks and ultimately become business owners themselves. We will prepare graduates to work successfully in the foodservice industry.

Program Highlights

Sanitation, Safety and Equipment

Bake Theory

Calculations – Basic

Communications – Basic

Culinary Techniques – Basic

Basic Nutrition

Techniques Of Baking

Quantity Food Preparation

Kitchen Management

Food Theory – Basic

Quality and Standards

Creating a Business

Administration Models

Business Models

Strategic Marketing tools and techniques

Other revenue sources

Program Pre-Requisites

Ontario High School Diploma OR Completion of CAST entrance exam

Program Inquiry

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