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Top Toques

Institute of Culinary Excellence


To exemplify and promote the development of excellence in culinary arts training. We are committed to improving the industry by training highly skilled and educated Chefs with a commitment to professionalism, advanced technical culinary skills, innovation, critical thinking, accountability, and leadership. We are founded on the simple principle that great cooking and culinary arts educated must be complete, practical, rewarding and most of all employable. Our uncompromising dedication to exceptional culinary arts education and training gives Top Toques, Institute of Culinary Excellence its International reputation.


“I am committed to improving the culinary industry by providing higher education opportunities and exceptional professional training focused on employable skills that prepare the students under my tutelage for the demands of the workforce. I pledge to impart uncompromising dedication, knowledge, skills, and techniques in a dynamic and practical learning environment built on the expectations of the industry. My goal is to continue to learn and grow my skills and techniques so that I may continue to instruct at the highest academic and practical levels, thus preparing my students for the industry on both the regional and global scales.”

chef plating food

Core Values

  • Responsible Leadership
  • The willingness to continue to learn and being Humble
  • Feeding your passion
  • Promote Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Planning and Critical thinking

97% Employment Rate for Our Graduates

A diploma from Top Toques Institute of Culinary Excellence can enhance your opportunities in the hospitality industry and lead to greater career advancement within your chosen discipline. With a 97% employment rate for our graduates, our students go on to work in some of the most prestigious and successful restaurants in Canada.

Contact our Director of Admissions at 519-743-8335 or for more information.

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